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    G.P.S. Tracking

​With help from some of the latest technology you can now keep track of your vehicles location in real-time and all in the palm of your hand. By giving each assignment/customer a unique log-in code and by downloading a free app our intuitive tracker system gives you and you alone the ability to track the journey with pinpoint accuracy. This proves to be useful if timing is crucial or just purely for your own peace of mind.



Car pic

Security and safe transportation is paramount at all times and is the customer's basic expectation. That is why we have a multi-layered system in place like no other. Our enclosed method of transporting keeps the cargo away from public view while the onboard tracker and live web-cam feed makes sure we are only a digital heart-beat away from observation. To top it off, you can be rest assured that your vehicle will never be left unattended...ever. 

Live Webcam Feeds

Electronic Device

Because A2B understand how important it can be for the owner to oversee the procedure, you can now keep a close eye on the whole process with our live web-cam feeds. This clever mobile link can be privately observed on smartphone, tablet or laptop 24hrs a day by logging-on with your own personnal details. Couple this with the other PLATINUM SERVICE benefits and it isn't hard to see why car lovers use our service..again and again.        


Insurance Cover


Off Road Abiltiy


For added confidence you can be rest assured that everything is covered with A2B Complete Protection. As you would expect from a Platinum Service, our industry leading "A Rated" public liability and car cover is essential, so from the humble Hillman to the magnificent McLaren our insurance has got it covered. 

To allow us to go where no others can, A2B towing vehicles come equipped with four wheel drive ability enabling us to achieve maximum traction on both public roads and off-road. This gives us the versatility needed to fulfill our obligation, even in the most challenging of enviroments and terrain.

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